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At Maranatha we believe that God’s purpose in empowering us to be His witnesses was never meant to stay within the walls of our building (see Acts 1:8). The message of the Gospel is something that we desire to take to the ends of the earth. If you would like to take a next step, we invite you to learn more about the people and ministries we support GLOBALLY. We also invite you to pray for them and ask God how you might become involved.

  • Dan & Mary Lu Coventon

    Honduras, Central America

    IHS, Inc. (farthest horizons)

    Dan and Mary Lu Coventon are missionaries who have lived and ministered in various cities of Honduras, Central America ,since 1976. They have served in many areas: church planting, children's ministry, music ministry, Christian radio, street evangelism, teaching, and preaching. They now focus on discipling & preparing believers for service. Mary Lu directs the Discipleship Ministries in the church of San Pedro Sula (150 students) and provides evaluation materials for the Discipleship Ministries nationwide (over 2,000 students). Dan directs the Farthest Horizons School of Missions, preparing Latin-Americans to serve in the nations as missionaries. Currently there are graduates from the school in Spain, Peru, and East Asia; soon others will be leaving for Italy, East Africa, and the Middle East.

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    Nate & Rachelle are working with the Waorani people in Ecuador.  An Ecuadorean educational foundation has recently been started to provide a place for the indigenous as a training center.  The Dells have joined another couple in helping the Waorani learn trade and job skills, and encourage their faith through intercultural interaction.

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  • Ebenezer Glenn Orphanage –

    Ken & Marla Drowley, Haiti

    Ebenezer Glenn Orphanage is located near Dessalines, Haiti.  They train and build lives to further the Kingdom of God (Proverbs 22:6), watching the children grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually into adulthood. Graduates of EGO include nurses, accountants, computer operators, teachers and worship leaders. Today at EGO, there are 13 buildings on 12 acres including the Clinic, the Tabernacle and dorms for the babies and children. The Johnathan School offers children of EGO an education in a secure and pleasant atmosphere, as well as providing an opportunity to reach out to children of the community. 

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  • Kyle & Carrie Eipperlie, Ukraine

    send international

    Kyle and Carrie recently moved back to the United States where they are partnering with Operation World to continue to help advance missions worldwide.

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  • kathy knight, india

    children's relief international

    Since 2012, I have been working with a project in India. Smriti Maity is the project leader of Mudpaths in Kolkata, ministering to over 300 children and prostitutes weekly with 3 functioning pre-schools offering a good start for public school and hearing the Gospel daily. The first time I traveled to Kolkata I taught the Bible study in the Red-Light District and loved being with the prostitutes. I could see the pain in their eyes. I wrapped my arms around their precious bodies and knew this is what I was to be doing in this season of my life. In my life too, I had experienced "powerlessness". We have a new ministry called Mudpaths Rescue. Our goal at CRI is to place daughters and sons of prostitutes and those from slum areas into boarding schools. Thus far we have placed 7 girls.  

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  • John & Becky Leverington, Eurasia

    olive tree counseling center

    John and Becky serve in Eurasia, assigned as the director and associate director of Olive Tree Counseling Center.  They lead a counseling team providing individual, couple and family counseling for workers throughout this area of the world, helping them to maintain their spiritual, emotional, and interpersonal health and resiliency to succeed in their ministries long term on the field.  In addition they provide workers crisis debriefing and trauma counseling, lead seminars to meet worker’ needs on topics such as stress, conflict resolution, living with uncertainty, and effective cross cultural living, and provide consultation with administrators regarding personnel issues.

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  • alan & melody pieratt

    children's relief international

    Alan and Melody are privileged to be the founders of Children's Relief International. Alan is the President of CRI, responsible for oversight of the mission. Melody works as the logistic heart of the organization, responsible for newsletters, representational materials, team and intern applications, flights, and schedules. Their mission is to "take Christ to the poor" because wherever He went, the poor were saved, helped, taught, healed, and freed (Matt. 9:35 & Luke 4:18-21). As we take Him to the poor, and bring the poor to Him, people are helped, healed, and saved in the same way. 

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  • Sarah Pisney, Uganda

    world venture

    In Africa, “Christianity is a mile wide and an inch deep”. With an understanding of God so shallow, Sarah is going to Uganda to start a discipleship school for high school girls in order for them to go deeper with God, inch by inch.

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  • joel & rachel Watters, Costa Rica


    Joel & Rachel, with their three children, are moving to southern Costa Rica, Central America, to evangelize and disciple students on several college campuses.

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