sunday morning

(SEP 10 - MAY 20)


8:00 AM 

(Nursery & Children’s Church provided)


9:30 AM - 10:30 AM


10:45 AM 

(Nursery & Children's Church provided)

526 3rd Ave SW, Cedar Rapids

Maranatha Bible Church is conveniently located on Third Ave SW, just west of downtown Cedar Rapids.

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Think casual. Modern-style worship to learn, serve and get connected.

We want you to feel at home, so come in something comfortable with your coffee in hand!

The Commons is our “front door” at Maranatha. Park your car in the lot at the corner of 6th Street & 4th Avenue and enter beneath the “Welcome to Maranatha” double doors. We’ll point you the right direction from there!

Our music ministry at MBC is a vibrant contemporary worship style. We incorporate both new and traditional worship songs into our corporate worship each Sunday. Our vision for worship is to glorify the name of the Lord each week through music that has depth and meaning consistent with the teaching of Scripture.

After worship, Pastor Aaron will continue by sharing God's Word.  His sermons are relational, to the point, and help explain what it means to live for Jesus Christ in everyday life.

Nursery is available for kids newborn through 4 years and children's church for 5 year-olds through 2nd graders.  Sermon notes are offered to 3rd through 6th graders and upon multiple successful completions prizes are awarded!

Long-time Christian, new believer or curious seeker, we'd love to have you join us!

what we're learning


During our worship service, children ages 5 through 2nd grade are dismissed during the sermon and for “Epic Kids” where they’ll learn about salvation, obedience, and having a good attitude, as they relive the most amazing stories in the Bible – when oceans parted, walls fell down, giants were defeated, and fire fell from the sky.


Our 3-4 year olds are exploring “TruWonder” lessons that reveal the wonder of who God is and allow them to explore His Word together.

K-6th GRADE:

Our kindergartners through 6th graders are embarking together to “Explore the Bible” through book-by-book studies of God’s Word.
7-12th GRADE:

Our 7-12th grade students are learning the answer to one of life's most important questions: What is the Gospel? Often our answers to this question are unclear and key elements are missing. Together we are journeying through the entire Bible, from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 to learn the whole Gospel and how we can share it with others. Follow the Youth Signs to the Commons Youth Room.


Romans—Part II

led by Gerry Barker

Commons—Prayer Room 

We will be studying the last portion of Paul’s letter to the Romans (chapters 12-15).  

In these last five chapters, Paul spells out the practical implications of God’s amazing

free gift of life and sonship in the gospel. He deals with our relationships with

each other, our interaction with the non–Christian world around us, 

our attitude towards civil authorities, and more besides.


ADULTS - OPTION 2: (Women-Only) 


   led by Deane Watters

Commons—Inner Prayer Room


Adorned (Living out the beauty of the Gospel together) is a
study from Titus 2 focusing on the different Christian
virtues mentioned in the chapter.   We will look at how older
women can encourage the younger women.



Faith & Work

led by Dale Krohse

Commons—Kingston Room

Redeeming Work! Blending our faith life with our work life is both possible and beneficial.  While we have come to believe what we do five days a week doesn’t have a

spiritual aspect, that just isn’t biblical!  

In these sessions, we will explore topics like

* performance and attitude

        * that your work matters to God

         * A calling compared to a career 

   * Faith at work                      

This fast-paced fall session will employ high-quality video elements, 

scripture, and discussion questions.


We’ll be meeting in the Kingston room, in the northwest corner of the Commons.  You are invited to attend “Faith and Work” and we hope you will come.


Starting Line

led by Greg Forseen

Commons - Next to Lobby

This 5 week class starts September 10, is a great opportunity to gain a deeper

understanding of Maranatha’s culture, how to be involved, how we work, 

meet some of our ministry leaders, and explore ministries opportunities.