college ministry

Scripture says that the truth will set you free and lies will enslave you. College students/young adults are at a critical point in their life when they will choose a career; during these years, often times they will pick a person to be their mate; and most importantly, they will make their faith their own.  We want there to be a place/group where there is no confusion and they hear the truth.  The Bible is the truth and will set them free.   


Our college ministry serves to connect the church with college students and young adults.  There are many opportunities to socialize and connect such as bonfire's, barn dances, Thanksgiving dinner, sledding, and a cultural meal.  There are also opportunities to connect with international students monthly throughout the year.  There are Sunday luncheon’s and devotional times, including Bible studies during the week.  Once relationships are established there are opportunities for discipleship.  


Contact: Marv and Jean Junk at 319-360-5166