Our Story

Maranatha Bible Church began meeting just over 40 years ago. Back in those early years, we were known as “The Church of the Carry It All In” as we met in the basement of a bank and a school gymnasium. Right from the beginning we were a church that wanted to be faithful to preaching the Word of God and carrying out God’s call to make disciples, and teaching them to obey all that He has taught us.

No doubt God has been with us and blessed us throughout this journey as over the years we have grown in ministries, baptisms, small groups, staff, and facilities. Numerous lives have been transformed by the power of the Gospel, and we continue to send people into full-time ministry or the mission field all over the world.

Most recently our journey has included out-growing our second church building and moving out of a residential area into downtown Cedar Rapids, where God has given us a heart to serve those in our surrounding neighborhood. Whether it be those in the city, in our own neighborhoods & families, or those we work with, as a church we are passionate about wanting others to know Jesus Christ and what He has done for us.

We are inexpressibly grateful for all that the Lord has done and continues to do among us!