Welcome to Maranatha!

This is where you can find quick answers to questions

What Time Do Services start?

Our worship services begin at 10:30 AM on Sundays.

What Time Do Sunday School (Equipping Hour) classes start?   

Our Equipping Hour classes begin at 9:00 AM. 

Where will my elementary age children go to Sunday School (Equipping Hour) classes?

The elementary age children have their classes in the Commons building.  They have their check-in desk in the main hallway opposite a long wall with many clocks for the time zones we sponsor missionaries in.

Where do older kids and adults go for their Sunday School (Equipping Hour) classes?

We have our many classes in several locations around the campus.  Junior High students meet in the Commons as do the adults.  High School students meet across the street in the Annex building where the church offices are located.  Just ask someone and we will guide you to where you and your family need to be.

What Happens In A Service?

Our live in-person and on-line services last about an hour and 10 minutes. We sing songs using a variety of instruments - keyboard, guitar, bass, violin, synth, and drums). The sermon lasts about 30 minutes and uses scripture to teach its points. 

What do My Kids Do during the service?

During the main worship service, we offer Children’s Church for children age three through 2nd grade as well as nurseries (infants, crawlers, walkers—newborn through age 2).  We will tell everyone in the sanctuary area during the service when the young children may go out to Children’s Church.

Will I Be Asked to give money?

We do bring an offering, but it is for our members and regular attendees. If you are a visitor/guest, please do not feel obligated to give.  We place offering boxes on the rear wall of the main sanctuary as well as in the Commons near the Kingston Room in the northwest corner of the building.

Are there ways that I can learn more about being part of Maranatha?   

Yes, periodically we have informational face-to-face sessions where it is much easier to have a good conversation about Maranatha and what it might mean to be a part of it.  And, we provide information through the website.  Also, questions may be asked by calling the church office at 319-362-8784 or by emailing the church at contact@maranathabible.org.

If I decide to attend, are there ways I can help?   

The quick answer is “Yes.”  If you already have a good idea where your strengths and interests are, let the church office know and we can suggest areas or ministry leaders who can talk with you.  If you don’t know what you might be interested in doing, then we can talk with you and see if, together, we can identify a possible area in which you can assist.

How Do I Get To Maranatha?

Our address is 526 Third Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404. Please call 319-362-8784, if you need any help finding our church.

Map of the church area

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I want to email a question, comment or concern

This one address works for everything!  We will send it on to the best person to give you a response.